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...Introducing Our Newest Product The Belle Wine Aerator®

The Belle Wine Aerator® will take the market by storm because of it's compact simple yet very effective design. This product is the culmination of more than 3 years of product development and testing but we are sure you will agree that it has been well worth the effort.

Belle Injects just the right amount of air into red wines while you pour with no extra effort, enhancing the flavors and allowing for a genuinely smoother finish.

Incredidbly easy to use, the Belle is much faster and simpler to use than other more expensive wine aerators on the market today.

The consumer simply puts the Belle on the wine bottle, pours and enjoys the enhanced flavors immediatetly!

Packaged for retail in very attractive packaging, the Belle is sure to be a smash hit at wine tastings across the globe...Learn More

About the Manufacturing Process
Belle Wine Aerator is manufactured and assembled using only US sourced raw materials. The components are so precisely press fitted together that they don't need any adhesives. The manufacturing plant is located in East Central Minnesota the heartland of the USA.

With the fear of lead contaminated plastic products from offshore, these American made products are a much safer choice for quality. Non-US products often cost less, but these American made products work better and last longer. The choice is yours but you get what you pay for.






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